August 10, 2020



Hello there Elevator, I’m Z-Wells, a 22-year-old rapper, singer, & producer out of Houston, Texas by way of Louisiana. I am submitting my new single Equity in which I am promoting a word a feel like young people need to know more about. The song is more so just a fun record, but I’m also talking about being the underdog while all awhile just flexing my skills. This song is produced by ‘will cherry’ out of Cleveland, Ohio, and ‘Txrrence Ray’ out of Houston, Texas. The video was shot by ‘Kenn Norris’ out of my birthplace Alexandria, Louisiana. To me this record just gives of a powerful energy along with some melodic sing along vibes. I want people to get up and bop to this one. I hope you all enjoy and have a blessed day.

Thank you,