Oct 28, 2019

This track from the trio has been anticipated for a minute now.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

I remember when these three first went down to Miami to record and ever since then I have been very eager to see what this trio rolls out. This new music video, titled “Whole Team”, is nothing short of a banger as Zahsosaa kicks the track off and controls the hook of the track as Yung K and Lil Muk deliver their usual captivating verses following Zah. These three are some of my favorites coming out of Philly at the moment and the fact that they are all under the same management is just remarkable as they all have eternally bright futures. Watch out because Philly is going to take the industry by storm.

The music video is shot by Andre Drizzydreads Fisher as he highlights the lavish house that they are staying at while surrounded by exotic cars. He also alternates shots to show how lively and vivid the studio they were all recording in is. Check these three out before you are late to the wave.

Enjoy “Whole Team” below!