by sawad



Yungeen Ace is a blessing to the music industry. Those of you who have never heard of him or his music before, need to get on his wave as soon as possible. A favorite of Elevator’s, the Florida rapper is a legend in the making. He has made his way back on our pages today with an influential new video titled “Don’t Know Why”.

After facing some of the hardest situations any person could ever have to go through, Yungeen Ace finds hope and tranquility in speaking out on the mic—to his fans, sharing some of the most authentic and most humble of views on life as well as his reality.

Praying for his lost brothers at church, the rapper explains his story in depth in the “Don’t Know Why” video. Dive into Yungeen Ace’s road to recovery as he searches for answers and closures to his pain, sufferings, and misfortunes.  He goes on to state “Momma said ‘Why you kill my sons?’ I ain’t got no answers to it.”

Yungeen Ace is an artist and soul to watch out for. His positive impact on others is growing so let’s show him nothing but the love he deserves.

Video already at half a mil, press play down below.

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