Oct 31, 2018

Yung Pinch’s new wave is thinking about the future.


by sawad


Anyone who doesn’t fuck with or appreciate Yung Pinch’s music is seriously missing out. The beach boy legend in the making is back and continues to impress with a lively Nicholas Jandora film titled “20 Years Later”.

Yung Pinch showcases his signature flow, gliding and cruising his very straightforward lyrics over a Matics and BL$$D produced beat. Pinch flexes his rhymes, “I got rich hoes with me and they don’t know who you are / They say Yung Pinch why you such a goddamn star?” The California native offers a super chill and dreamy track to pair with palm trees and a wavy beach vibe in his new visual.

Enjoy the “20 Years Later” video below and be sure to catch Pinch on his LOST AT SEA TOUR.