From Iowa, a couple of upcoming artists to know are 17-year-old Yung Drip and 20-year-old Zay. As a duo artist, the two have quickly gained the attention of listeners and industry names. Currently selling out almost the entire venues in Iowa, the next time you can see them live is on February 7th, opening for Smoke Purpp.

Making moves, Drip and Zay recently have been working with Xanarchy and also teamed up with Lil Xan’s official DJ on a few songs which then led to a repost on SoundCloud from Lil Xan, himself.

While Drip is still in high school and both artists are young of age, but their star potential is undeniable. Hoping to see more from Drip and Zay this year, the two just recently dropped a new single titled “Reckless”. Switching up a bit from their past releases, check their Cubist-produced track out below and let me know what you think.