Check out this captivating new visual.


by GregGaffney


YOUNGFACE continues his streak of emotion-filled tracks with “dontwasteyourtime”, as he tries to find his match over somber piano chords. The Chad Mow directed visual finds YOUNGFACE wandering the countryside scenery contemplating a broken romance. The fairly simple piano-led production provides plenty of space for YOUNGFACE to find his melodies and his poetic lyrical style. The sad-boy aesthetics are on full show, finding YOUNGFACE alone throughout the length of the video, wandering various Western Massachusetts scenery.

With plenty of heartbreak throughout the lyrics, like in moments of him realizing that this girl may not be down for him but he’d rather her lie than being heartbroken, YOUNGFACE has been carving out a lane with his personal lyrics with the support of attention-grabbing visuals, like the time he got his toes sucked in his last music video.


Check out the video below.