by ASadler


Given Young Nudy‘s musical content and blood relation to 21 Savage, it should come as no surprise the Atlanta rapper’s visual for “One Dolla” was loaded with guns, lucrative drug dealsand revenge plots against those who double-crossed him. Oh, and you can’t forget the girls twerking.

Don’t take what is said as insulting or judgmental, as the 25-year-old openly admits he has a preference for the darker side of life. He once likened himself to popular, homicidal doll Chucky and the bloodshed in this video certainly aligns with that.

Dubbed a movie video, things open with Nudy and his partner engaging a corporate-looking guy in a drug transaction, only for the man to then call the police on him as he drove away with the goods. He gets arrested and locked up for a few days, meanwhile, his boys go back to suited-up traitor’s office only to discover he was in cahoots with the cops the entire time.

Upon Nudy’s release, his crew informs him of the dirty business going on and they plan to raid the cop’s warehouse for goods. The way they enter with guns blazing makes it clear he has no issue taking lives along the way. A crazy shootout ensues, the dirty cop gets taken out, and street justice is apparently served.

Despite the graphic content, the movie video is a solid piece of cinematography. Given the “to be continued” ending, it will be interesting to see how Nudy continues the story and if the next video continues along the Slimeball 3 tracklist, of which “One Dolla” is the intro song. In the meantime, check out the video and be careful who you do business with.