Back on September 26, Memphis’ Young Dolph was rushed to the hospital after being shot while shopping in Hollywood. Dolph was listed as being in critical condition but that didn’t stop him from recording a new video for “Believe Me,” produced by Cassius Jay. The song is undeniably slapping but the video adds a somber and powerful energy.

The video, directed by ShotBySpencer, was shot during Dolph’s stay in the hospital. Initially, we see the South Memphis kingpin rapping in his hospital room, next to his life support machine, covered in bandages but still rocking his trademark Flipper chain with the bulletproof vest. Later, he goes home where he is enthusiastically greeted by his son with whom he spends the rest of the clip. Though rocking a cast, Dolph seems more triumphant and energized than ever following another attempt on his life this year. If Dolph was Bulletproof before now he’s indestructible.

This single is hot off the heels of another new Dolph track entitled “While U Here.” You can find both tracks on Young Dolph’s new album “Thinking Out Loud” which comes out this Friday October 20.