Jul 27, 2019

Chicago and Memphis come together for some fire.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

Young Dolph and Key Glock are undeniably ideal counter-parts and their joint album titled, Dum and Dummer, solidifies that statement. As the goofy and laughable cover art for the album is the pairs own twist to the famous movie Dumb and Dumber as well. The duo’s friendship is deeper than just the incredible music they create when they come together, but rather the real life friendship is what really propels their chemistry on the track.  Their one-two deliveries on the instrumentals are beefy and commanding as they cook up a multitude of hits.

Considering the whole project is 22 songs in total, Dolph and Glock have a handful of their own singles on the album as well. Each of them are talented enough to ride the instrumental like a bike and deliver powerful lyrics or one-liners as the bass drops and it’s more than satisfying. Overall this project is equally exceptional as it is fierce and as the duo continue to cement their importance to the rap game.

Bump Dum and Dummer below.