Jul 31, 2019

Their “Fake Pods” video is absolutely wonderful.


by jgregory


99 Neighbors are the Vermont based rap group you NEED to hear. Recently, they just inked a deal  with Chance The Rapper’s manager Pat Corcoran and signed with his new Warner Records partnership, which to me personally is one of the most exciting arrangements that has happened in the industry this year. 99 Neighbors is an intriguing collective that burst onto the scene this year with their project Television that excited a lot of people, but it is their latest visual for their new track “Fake Pods” that has totally sold me on the group. This new offering has a magnetic chorus and each member of the group shows off their skillset with their respective, but equally special, verses. These guys each are massively talented in their different ways and this certainly potential to create something beautiful.

Watch the unforgettable video for “Fake Pods” here: