by juneilcg


Following up his dreamy video “Nightmares” D.C. rapper Yin Yang delivers a new seven-track tape. Born from Pain is a smooth take with airy production and hard drums. Yin Yang has a light, nimbly, and harmonic voice that only adds to the hypnotic atmosphere he aims to create. Never overstated or brash, his vocals comment his production perfectly.

One of the most hypnotic cuts on this ethereal tape, “Good Hope Rd” is mesmerizing its an infectious arrangement of soothing sounds he shines with tight rhymes and the featured Armani has a powerful and gorgeous voice. On the titular track, he delivers an anthemic and heartfelt performance addressing the pain heavy on his heart. Every track is crisp with polished instrumental that led to the glossy presentation that extends across each track. This short tape is an enjoyable listen that’s calming yet energetic with engaging sections and vibrant moments scattered throughout.

Listen to Born from Pain below