July 01, 2018

See for yourself by pressing play below on “Br!nk.”


Generally speaking, it’s not difficult task to spit a rap verse. With a little bit of practice and a top of the line ghostwriter, I’d be willing to bet that 90% of avid hip-hop fans could lay down a solid 16 bars rather easily. However, the difficult part comes when it’s time to craft a melody.

It’s no secret that melodies and catchy hooks are currently ruling the urban genre, but few have fully mastered the art. At only 18-year-olds, Yeat is amongst the few underground sensations with an overpowering knack for infectious melodies. By blending memorable lyrics with a fluctuating, auto-tune infused vocal on “Br!nk,” the Portland native puts his talent-set on full display.

With the emerging SoundCloud scene in his back pocket, Lil Yeat is bound to be amongst 2018’s most noteworthy breakout acts. See for yourself by pressing play below on “Br!nk.”