June 19, 2017

Concert violence is quickly becoming a normality.


XXXTentacion embarked on his first nationwide tour just a few weeks ago and has been making headlines ever since, and not necessarily for the greatest reasons. Following the infamous jumping on stage in San Diego which left X unconscious and the assailant with knife wounds, the South Florida rapper was tossed directly into the crowd-separating barricade while attempting to be thrown into the crowd in Seattle on June 14th. Despite bouncing back for one hell of a performance, being thrown into a heavy-duty fence meant for restraining rowdy crowds certainly leaves a nice bruise.

XXXTentacion thrown into a barricade instead of the crowd: https://t.co/z3PcRDOh8F


— Complex (@Complex) June 16, 2017

While rockin’ a sold-out show over the weekend, XXXTentacion warned the crowd that if any concertgoers attempted to harm him while crowd surfing, he’d be throwing hands. Obviously, some smart ass had to test the threat and was left with a deserving hand imprint on the face.

Xxxtentacion punches fan at concert pic.twitter.com/DETyhre0RP

— Rap Spotlights (@rapspotlights) June 18, 2017

Keep in mind none of the violence thus far on the Revenge Tour has been due to any of the affiliated artists. Hip-hop shows are becoming harder and harder to book, and rowdy fans are slowly becoming one of the biggest liabilities. The videos above are really good examples to learn from if y’all wanna be seeing rappers live in five years.