Dec 15, 2018

Enjoy some soulful pop from WONDR.


by jgregory


WONDR has been steadily building a core group of fans as he consistently releases quality music with a light, fresh sound. The instrumental on his new track “All for You” is smooth and has a slight synth to it that turns it into an incredibly sanguine backdrop to WONDR’s vocal display. While he is predominantly a singer, he also shows off a great deal of versatility, rapping one verse. There is a gruff quality to his voice that periodically comes out, belting from chorus, to refrain, to verse.

This track was a very fun listen from start to finish and I am quite impressed with WONDR. Almost daily intriguing new pop acts appear on every corner of the internet, and WONDR is one of my favorites of late. Go check out his new track ASAP.

Stream “All for You” here: