Sep 9, 2015

Wiz Khalifa and Snoop team up to tell these Instagram hoes to chill


by Duke


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Wiz Khalifa just wants to chill with you babygirl, not your Instagram followers. “Fuck a selfie stick, suck a healthy dick” might be the bar of the century so far, real shit. Yung Khalifa recruits his Uncle Snoop Dogg for a verse on the ID Labs-produced heater as well, probably because he remembers a time where rappers didn’t have to worry about TMZ. I saw the title and thought this might be like a corny PSA-type song about putting our phones down and enjoying the sunsets and shit, luckily it bangs and was mostly about Wiz telling chicks not to tweet while they’re blowing him backstage, or at least that’s the message I got.