Nov 19, 2018

This one’s for all the misfits.


by NFabry


If you’re a close follower of whxami, the underground enigma who raps for society’s misfits, you likely know of the special track he dropped last month to celebrate 10,000 followers on SoundCloud. 23 days and have passed since this feat, not to mention an additional 400 followers, and whxami is back to present an optic perspective for the PLURBS-produced song, “LOSER”.

The Astari-hosted video is the first visual offering we’ve ever been gifted from the ambiguous artist. Blurry edits from his gifted homie Biv keep whxami hidden while he wanders through the woods, a therapeutic place for him.

“I’ma, asshole I’m annoying to some // Others look at me and just make assumptions // That’s cool cuz I don’t give a fuck // And I know so many people think I am just a loser” he sings on the chorus.

Regardless of what the residents of his hometown think, we’re confident in whxami’s musical future. Witness his first music video by pressing play on “LOSER” below.