Jun 20, 2018

Here’s everything we know about XXXTentacion’s tragic death…


by liammccarthy


On June 18th 2018, XXXTentacion was shot dead in Deerfield Beach, Florida as he attempted to leave a motorcycle dealership. Videos of the 20-year-old rapper laying lifeless in his car began to circulate shortly after the incident, leaving an endless amount of unanswered questions as to who carried out the fatal robbery.

We’ve uncovered information from three sources: the Broward County Police, XXXTentacion’s personal lawyer, and an eyewitness from the scene. Keep reading below to hear everything we currently know about the murder of XXXTentacion and possible suspects.

Perhaps the most reliable account of the homicide comes from an eyewitness, who was in the area getting his Jet Ski repaired when he noticed X’s iconic blue pigtails. The witness and a friend approached the rapper, and conversed while he was browsing dirt bikes. Soon after, X left the dealership and attempted to take a right-turn out of the parking lot. At this point, our witness says: “A black Dodge pulled up in front of him. Two dudes in masks and guns got out of the car, and told X to ‘Get the fuck out.’ Me and my buddy ran inside and were like ‘Call 9-1-1!’ We all ran outside and we hear X go ‘What the fuck is going on?’ After that, they shot him three times. Everybody ran back inside and waited for a minute. We all came back out and walked towards the car, and X was dead. The van drove away.”

Hear the full eyewitness account:

The Broward County Police Department issued a statement on the case, confirming the incident as an attempted robbery at RIVA Motorsports, and citing two armed suspects (at least one of which fired their weapon) dressed in red masks/bandanas. No immediate arrests were made, and the duo fled in a dark-colored SUV. Police are continuing to investigate possible suspects, as it remains no arrests have been made at this time.

XXXTentacion’s longtime lawyer David Bogenschutz expressed his sympathy and offered thoughts about a possible motive, labeling it as a “random robbery.” He also revealed that X might’ve had a large sum of cash on-hand, as he visited a bank shortly beforehand.

Stay tuned for more updates as this story continues to develop. RIP XXXTentacion.