Jul 16, 2019

“Wilson” is one of my favorite submissions of the year.


by jgregory


William Corduroy’s debut project Wilson is by far one of my favorite submissions to surface in the ELEVATOR inbox this year, and the young, California based artist blends numerous indie pop influences together to make an impressive extended play. The instrumentation is what is to be expected, just from the look of the album art, as it is filled with a variety of synth-driven melodies, soft leading guitar riffs, and largely generic percussion, however most of the sonics change from track to track, offering a sort of survey of indie pop as Corduroy conveys his emotion in different ways that all mesh together in a coherent manner.

One of the project’s highlights for me was his background vocals which created another layer of atmosphere and accented his lead singing wonderfully. The only guest verse comes from Solyscott whose sleepy rapping blends nicely with the instrumentation and mood of the song.

Stream Wilson here: