American hip-hop artist, Wifisfuneral, is set to drop long-awaited project titled Leave Me The Fuck Alone this coming Friday, November 7. Getting us excited for his release, Wifi releases a clip to “Ever Seen a Demon” along with the hot new single.

Directed by Dill35mm, the video is shot in red lighting which adds a darker, sinister feel that alludes to the idea that you are looking at a demon, that being Wifi’s alter ego. His lyrics cut deep with reference to verse, “Stars in the sky/they alignin’/yeah, my demons been my problems/Bitch, I’m eight Backwoods to the head, think we drown inside reality, agony..”. With the usage of pan in-pan out effects and throwback cyberspace edits, the simplicity of this visual just skims the surface of what we foresee with his project release—Leave Me The Fuck Alone being one of his strongest works to date.

Press play to view the video below: