August 06, 2019

The duo has a special presence on the track.

Submissions Manager

D4M $loan x Skiano are one of the most popular duos in the city of Philadelphia at the moment and their song, “Wolf N Demon” featuring Kur is beginning to blow up. The video dropped a little over a month and a half ago and it has just peaked 500,000 views on YouTube. A month after the video dropped, the West Philly duo saw themselves walking through six different record labels as they are truly exceptionally talented. They both have deep and raspy voices so when they lay their verses in a one-two fashion it is awfully riveting and certainly emits intimidation. The duo has a great sense of how to make catchy and danceable music much like their close friend they came up with, SimXSantana. D4M stands for Down 4 Mir who was their close friend that tragically passed at 15 and they will always pay homage to him through their movement.

The video is shot by DJBey215 who spotlights the trio in the song in a secluded rundown spot in the city with an uncountable amount of other guys that are affiliated with their movement. The visuals are just as powerful as the track itself and will undeniably have the viewer glued to their screen as it is more than entertaining. Be on the lookout for D4M $loan x Skiano aiming to leave their mark on the city and work towards stardom.

Enjoy “Wolf N Demon” below.