October 13, 2020

His new project arrives later this month.


We've all had those moments where we can't recall what was real and what was just a dream. Marked by a distinct upright bassline and ghostly saxophone squalls, "Dirty Dan" finds Wesson Desir wandering through a haze, haunted by memories of a traumatic night. He recalls blood on his shirt, and an encounter with a beautiful woman, but he can't determine what's real and what was fake. Wesson emerges from his apartment and walks the streets of NYC's Chinatown, before finding himself in a dingy basement. Originally released in 2019, "Dirty Dan" caught the attention of many.

Taking its title from the Greek god of healing, archery, and music, Apollo Archives gets its power from Wesson's dense lyricism, mixing SoundCloud favorites like ".22" and "Dirty Dan" with new highlights that show Wesson's facility with melody and elite-level conceptual thinking. The project features recently released singles "Zeus" and "Let's Ride Our Heelies To The Cosmos." Check it out below.