September 09, 2020

He doesn't miss.


Born and raised in South Atlanta, the 22-year-old Wesson Desir (f.k.a. Wesson) built a devoted following on SoundCloud with a diverse collection of cerebral bangers. Today, he shares a new visual titled "Let's Ride our Heelies to the Cosmos."

Picking up where Wesson's last video, ".22," leaves off, the "Let's Ride our Heelies to the Cosmos" contemplates Wesson's place in the universe, delivering his rhymes in a neon-lit studio as he phases in and out of material existence. Slicing through a spacey, jazz-influenced instrumental with his signature mix of rapid flows and easy melodies, Wesson uses the track to flex his pen game with tongue-twisting metaphorical lyrics.

"I made this song with the intentions of it being a journey to a place that only exist in our heads, it’s scatterbrained in a sense but that’s an ode to overthinkers worldwide. I think myself into holes and sometimes gotta remind myself who I am hence all the larger than life lyrics packaged under those sweet melodies," he exclusively states. "I wanted to see if I could create music that sounds like a film without following a narrative, something more abstract and conceptual."

Check out the video below.