We Talked With A$AP TyY About His Ski Goggle Collab With Kid Super

A$AP TyY and Kid Super merge fashion and extreme sports with their new line of goggles.

If you know A$AP (and why wouldn’t you?), you know they’re a group of people with unlimited creativity. From music to fashion to extreme sports, these guys are always pushing creative boundaries. You might not however, associate A$AP TyY, with product design. But thats about to change with TyY recently introducing a line of Ski Goggles in collaboration with his friend Kid Super. We gave TyY a call to see what it was all about.

What inspired you to create a line of Ski Goggles? 

I thought it was a wonderful idea. It fit into the swag of the sports that I’m into. But I wanted to do something outside the box. I wanted to bring some fashion sense into the goggles. You don’t have to be into extreme sports to wear them. We put the eyes of famous people on them to sort of say ‘look who’s watching us’, if you go to the site you can see a list of all the people included.

How did you end up collabing with Kid Super?

Me and Kid have been friends for a couple of years now. We had been trying to think of a way to collab on something for a while. He ski’s, I ride bikes, so we just kind of naturally came together with this crazy idea.

Is this a one time thing or will we see more in the future?

Definitely more to come. We’re gonna restock people’s favorites and then maybe a few new designs. See where it goes from there.

Head over to to cop a pair.

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