Oct 14, 2015

I’m a roller coaster of emotions right now with Blink 182, Damnit


by Duke



So like I said, there’s good and bad news with Blink 182, which would you like first? You can’t read this until I hit publish, so I’m going to go ahead and assume you want bad news first. It’s a doozie.

First Green Day got shitty, then Blink breaks up, it’s like my whole childhood is falling apart. They better not fuck up this new Power Rangers movie, that’s all I’m saying. Time for a positive to brighten up that devastating news; someone recreated the “What’s My Age Again?” video in Grand Theft Auto, so that’s pretty lit.

PS – Want some bonus GREAT news? Travis made a statement on the matter,

“Don’t trip everybody it’s just a joke,” he posted. “Love my brother Yela till the death and def will be rocking with him again soon.”