by GregGaffney


WDNG CRSHRS, which is the combination of Quentin Miller and TheCoolisMac, call up Filho to create a super smooth, one-take video for “Never Left”. The video is as effortlessly cool as the song, Quentin leading the charge with the first verse and the chorus. WDNG CRSHRS really busted out on to the scene with their CardoGotWings assisted tape, CrshrsGotWings, in 2015, but as the song goes, they’re “back like they never left.” The Kairuki-directed visual is the first video from the Atlanta-based duo in a couple months, but this could mean that the Crshrs are ramping up into bigger things. The song and the beat come as a familiar pocket for Quentin and Mac, and newcomer Filho steps right in with ease to fit the vibe.

Check out the video below.