Sep 11, 2015

Check out this new one from Wave Chapelle and ishDARR, plus watch how I smoothly sneak fantasy football talk into a hip-hop website


by Duke


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I know Wave Chapelle has MCW (Wave and Ish are both from Milwaukee, not that MCW wouldn’t deserve artwork status on his own merit, I’m just saying) and DRose on the artwork. That doesn’t mean I can’t use this as my hype-up track for the beginning of fantasy football tonight. IshDARR handles business as usual, I fucked with his last joint too.

As for my fantasy football matchup, since I know you guys are all dying to know what’s good. And yes of course I’ll keep you updated all season long, not a problem at all…

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.47.40 PM

Oh yeah, I should mention this league is wild, kind of fucked up roster sizes and rules (and history). I’m Tyrod Taylor Gang. Yeah, unfortunately I’m a Bills fan. I know, I know. That’s why it pains me to have Brady even sniff my roster. Don’t worry, I checked all the footballs myself, and all cameras have been confiscated at the gate. I’m going up against my rival FREAXSNGEEX to start off the season. It’s a new rivalry, but a fierce one nonetheless (boom, now we’ve said nonetheless on this bitch, check it off the list baby). He took me out in the playoffs last year, then basically stole 2 players I wanted in this year’s draft the pick right before me. I was holding the prize money last year, and sending him the paypal with his winnings still haunts me in my sleep. I’ll never go back. TYROD TAYLOR GANG WILL PREVAIL. GANG GANG.

But yeah, Wave Chapelle and ishDARR. Dope song.