From Calabasas, California, 20-year-old Watrcup is quickly making his way into the music industry. After releasing his very first single only a year ago at 19, the rapper has since then come a long way, proving his talents and respectfully earning himself a loyal West Coast fan base.

Surely one of underground rap’s most promising MCs in the game right now, Watr’s witty lyricism and alternate vibe help him stand out from the rest.

On Sunday, the young rapper continued his winning streak after releasing a music video to a single he previously released titled “Flamingo”. Produced by Canis Major, the beat is an instant attention grabber. The song includes bonus features from upcoming artists Christian Haywood aka Haywood and Aris Ray from Xanarchy. The three come together as a strong force on “Flamingo”, bodying the beat entirely while staying true to their individual sounds.

Enjoy the video below.