Smrtdeath boasts numbness in his brand new music video “I Don’t Feel Anything.”


by dhoughton


Winnipeg isn’t known as a hub for rap music, or whatever genre Smrtdeath is, but his new video for “I Don’t Feel Anything” is sure to be a catalyst for change in the young Canadian’s music career. This video takes place in and around what seems to be a superstore owned by the Walton family; you can be the judge. Directed by Patrick Bateman, this visual has certain aesthetic that is unmatched by most other musicians, much less other directors.

Smrtdeath has a big year planned, and this music video is only the start. He has music with some bigger underground artists coming, a more refined sound, and more music videos, too. Be on the lookout for Smrtdeath this year, and enjoy his new music video for “I Don’t Feel Anything” below!