I’ve been seeing many tweets lately about how the DMV underground rap scene and overall flow is on the come up and to be honest, I think I can concur.

A little over a month after releasing the single, ReUp Nelson recently dropped a visual for his catchy track, “WYA.” The video finds him acting as a party Lyft driver – picking up beautiful women as he rides around the DMV area in a convertible. I’m sure they gave him five stars.

ReUp Nelson, which stands for “Rather Earn Under Pressure,” is a rising voice out of Maryland’s PG County with Nigerian roots. Back in August, he released “Jo Fun Mi,” the first single off his upcoming project. “WYA” is the second single and each track has an accompanying visual.

This is one of those songs where you pretty much know the whole thing after only a couple of listens. I can tell that the PG County native genuinely enjoyed filming the video with his homies. Directed by Richy Guzman, it has a fun concept which alludes to the young artist’s lifestyle and creativity. The song and visual pair well to produce an overall bop.

Peep the video below which is now available to watch on the Elevator YouTube account.