“Ruthless is not who I am, or what i am trying to be. It is the nature of this business that you must accept and prepare yourself for in the beginning.^ – Mr. Rangel 2/10/19

I’m artist from Texas and my artist name is “Mr. Rangel” I made this video off the mixtape I did call “Ruthless”.This instrumental I don’t own the rights too, it comes from a trap artist in Puerto Rico name bad bunny who made his video title “TU NO VIVE ASI” which means you don’t live like that. Notice that music has changed and that many criticize todays artist, I decide to make my own song title “I’m The One” basically letting everyone know that I am a threat to this hip-hop and rap game and who ever thinks different can get it. Am setting standards I am not looking for validation just to give the people good music.