The visuals are always on point when Frais gets involved.


by sawad


If you haven’t already, it’s time to introduce yourself to Frais, a very talented and prosperous rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina. Today, he premieres his newest video titled “Skrrt” on our official YouTube page. This specific song is also set to be placed on his upcoming project Cursed which, has no release date as of this writing.

Although Frais is a completely solo artist, he is often seen linking with others and already has a bursting catalog of collaborative songs featuring many big and upcoming names.

His new video, “Skrrt” is directed by Jack Dalton with art animations coming from Ash Travers. The video is fresh and aesthetically pleasing, where Frais appears chilling, smoking, vibing poolside with a pretty lady, and cooling late at night. With song productions from Charlie Shuffle, I have to admit this is one of Frais’ most catchy tune.

As the wait continues for his Cursed project, enjoy the new video for “Skrrt” below. Run it up!