Dec 20, 2019

New feel great music video from 2000s born Kentucky honcho.


by Mus


2KBABY was born in 2000. The Louisville, Kentucky rapper is single-handedly repackaging blues to his generation of digital natives, Generation Z, under the guise of hip-hop. The hook for this song is butter. 2KBABY‘s vocal is ripe with a down south southern country twang that can’t help but put a smile on your face. There are a lot of emotions being conveyed in the young man’s voice, emotions that are being extracted thanks to his right-hand man, Atlanta based producer and pianist Danny Hajj, and the director of the video below, Joshua Valle. In the video for the much-needed positive reinforcement for our country’s youth, “Betta”, the rapper engages with the Los Angeles community that has given so much to him. Yin and yang. Got to love it.

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