September 30, 2020

Filmed in Lagos.


Today, Nigerian Afro-fusion innovator Omah Lay drops the official video for his brooding breakout single “Damn.” The visuals are dark and princely: dim facades, gorgeous chairs, a rainbow of ATVs. They fold neatly into the world Omah Lay is building for himself, where the sounds and signifiers of his homebase of Lagos melt into his taste for global pop.

Omah Lay knows he’s the future. In the beautifully shot video, he carries an energy of newfound success, surrounded by friends draped in designer and dripping confidence. And yet, “Damn” is irresistibly inviting—the production equipped with booming bass and bubbly instrumentation where Omah Lay croons about a woman who’ll love him through thick and thin. The song’s textured arrangements amplify the sounds of Lagos, where a fertile Afro-pop scene has been turning heads internationally for years. The 23-year-old is in this community’s vanguard and poised for bigger success.

Check out "Damn" below.