by jgregory


For months now, I have postulated that the very gruff, grimy side of rap is the 21st-century regeneration of hardcore music, popularized by bands like Bad Brains and Gorilla Biscuits. Walt Flames time and time again has shown that his raucous, bellicose style is very much in line with the hardcore movement of old, and is at the forefront of this new generation of punk music that is beginning to be met with acclaim from all types of music listeners.

“Social Suicide” is Walt’s latest rambunctious creation, complete with a head-knocking chant to open the track that leads into a gritty verse detailing the gruesome and frankly scary details of street life in Walt’s hometown. There is a distinct almost horrorcore aspect to this track, taking the intensity to new heights. Topper Atwood‘s instrumental worked perfectly for the vibe of this track, as his distorted 808s turned the beat into an undeniable banger.

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