Jul 16, 2019

Can we be on chill tonight?


by Cydney Lee


Situationships can be both fun and/or emotionally draining. They can be fun because you’re basically together but don’t have to worry about the responsibility that comes with being in a relationship; and it can be draining if one person is more serious about it than the other, leading to high expectations and miscommunication. I’m not a fan.

Luckily, Wale and Jeremih attempt to ease the hardships that this grey area entails with their new song, “On Chill.” Wale teased the track by tweeting the Urban Dictionary definition of a ‘situationship’.

“On Chill” comes shortly after “Gemini (2 Sides),” Wale’s previous single where he makes his astrological affinity known. Between his food posts and humorous grammatically incorrect tweets, he is no stranger to speaking his mind. The DC rapper has been in the game for a while now with five albums under his belt and one on the way, yet he still seems to be slept on.

Until his new project arrives, bump this while you lay up with your “boo.”