Jan 29, 2019

by AHoward


Being a successful rapper takes more than just putting words together in clever rhyme schemes. It also takes a certain bravado and swagger that immediately lets folks know that they absolutely cannot fuck with you. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. Luckily, Virginia artist No Face, Rapper has both as he lets off his dope new video for, “NFR”.

Produced by BlueMajic, “NFR” is a straight forward introduction into No Face. Using the acronym for his name to cleverly embed that phrase into your brain, No Face calls on one of Hip-Hop’s oldest — though seldom used — tricks in order to create a better relationship with the listener. With the video showcasing No Face’s casual style, giving a bit more personality to the aggressive voice behind the mic, I think, “NFR” is a solid video for anybody not familiar with the VA native.

Check out the video below and get hip to No Face, Rapper.