Halloween 2018 is officially behind us, but that doesn’t have to mean spooky season is. Go see Halloween in theatres, go visit a haunted house, maybe buy some discounted candy, but keep it spooky! Another way to that is by jumping into Virginia rapper DANVHEFNER’s new impressive EP, Speak Of The Devil.

Clocking in at 7 songs, Speak Of The Devil is a small, but a fulfilling appetizer of HEFNER’s abilities. Although sticking to a central theme, the project rarely gets stale, as each song provides a different look into HEF as an artist. On, “Die Alone,” he utilizes his raspy voice knack for infectious melodies to create probably the best song on the EP, maybe even in general, while on, “Not Surprised,” he opts for the more lyrical, self-reflective side of things.

In general, Speak Of The Devil is a surprise standout EP of the week and makes DANVHEFNER an immediate artist to watch. Check it out below.