Jan 10, 2019

Virgil Abloh continues to shape the world in his image.


by Mike_Squid


It’s been a wild ride for Virgil Abloh in recent years. The designer has become one of the hottest names in fashion with a knack for originality and exceeding expectations. The designer recently took to his socials to share glimpses into LV’s ideation studio and some massive new sculptures.

“Every design studio I have is working full speed right now,” Abloh said in an Instagram post earlier today. “There’s a lot happing in the next 3 weeks so I’ll just post it all in now specific order.”

As Abloh prepares for something monumental, it appears that his works are already taking shape. Take a look at the wild new 12-story creation of Abloh’s below. The 12-story creation can only be seen from one specific spot marked by a solitary spray-painted “X” on the sidewalk so pedestrians can enjoy the vibrant view.