Jun 14, 2017

by liammccarthy


Last night, Vince Staples took part in a Reddit AMA in support of his forthcoming album Big Fish Theory. The full-length LP drops a week from Friday on June 23rd and is quickly shaping up to be one of the most anticipated projects of the year.

In the fan-submitted question interview, Staples adressed a handful of topics – including why he didn’t want to do the AMA in the first place. Keep reading more below to read some of Vince’s most revealing/entertaining answers and to find out where the fuck Earl Sweatshirt is.

Click here to read the full interview.


Q: What is the fishes name on the album cover?

A: Karl


Q: What’s your favorite song? Huge fan man can’t wait for the album

A: Girls just wanna have fun thats my shit


Q: If you could collaborate with any legendary hip hop artist who would it be ?

A: Me


Q: Hey Vince, what’s your favorite romantic comedy?

A: 500 Days of Summer, I like watching white people struggle through life.


Q: Why are your snapchat stories always in black and white?

A: Because Im Black living in a white man’s world


Q: Has a woman ever called you daddy in bed and how’d you like it?

A: Its lowkey weird I aint gon lie


Q: Do you wish people focused more on your music instead of some that care more about your interview personality?

A: Music is the least important part of making music nowadays.


Q: Hey Vince, what’s your favorite thing about Sprite?

A: Its a tie between the lemons and the limes.