Oct 23, 2018

“Its a very honest series of tracks and is super imperfect but I guess that was the point”-Verzache


by NFabry


It’s hard not to love Verzache. His atmospheric brand of indie harvests the best aspects of laptop-era music, while also retaining a rawness that can only come from acoustically-derived, unadulterated sounds.

The Toronto musician recently blessed us with an honest, eight-track project entitled Thought Pools. Like the name implies, the album is full of reflection and self-accountability, a theme we can probably all benefit from. “Just dive in, Straight into the deep end // I don’t have a reason, To not find my meaning” he sings in reference to his own mind.

It seems as if so many people these days are out of touch with themselves, probably because of the lack of time we spend alone with our thoughts. Hear the project below, and allow Zach Farache‘s meditative sounds to put you into an introspective mindstate.