Jan 1, 2016

Florida crooner Venus Amor debuts her new video for “Drink To This” exclusively with Elevator


by Duke



South Florida singer Venus Amor is not just an amazing voice. She also goes hard on the boards, having recorded, mixed and mastered her debut project in just 2 weeks. The 19-year old’s For The Time Being is a gripping, melodic journey of “love, heartbreak, sex & personal empowerment” according to Amor. While you can stream her debut project in full below, the real reason I brought you here today was to peep the video for the first single from the project “Drink To This”. She plays the role of a scorned lover that takes matters into her own hands. Here’s what she had to say about the visual:

“We all have those thoughts that run through our mind after someone we love breaks our hearts. I just wanted to bring those thoughts out into the open & also show a different side to the record visually. Being in a toxic relationship can mess with your mind so emotionally that it’ll drive you to want to do something insane. Not saying you should, but it’s okay to think a little crazy from time to time” 
Take a look at the Wavy Lord-directed video below and follow Venus on SoundCloud for updates on more new music.