Apr 21, 2018

These twins are coming for the top spot.


by GregGaffney


VanJess, the LA-based twins of Ivana and Jessica, give us some serious 90’s vibes with their latest single produced by IAMNOBODI entitled “Addicted.” The pair harmonize over the sliding 808 lines, weaving between octaves to give Addicted truly a lover’s kind of vibe. VanJess have had a big couple of months, collaborating with artists like Goldlink and Leikeli47. VanJess have positioned themselves as two of the more exciting voices in the R&B genre, and as the rest of the world patiently awaits their debut full length project, VanJess have done a really great job of building their buzz on the strength of singles like Addicted.

Check out the sultry single below, and keep it locked into the powerful duo of VanJess.