Sep 24, 2015

FL’s Vandam Bodyslam puts the slam on some current issues plaguing our Nation in the video for ‘Careless’


by Duke


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We try to keep telling you guys about Florida, they have a whole crop of up-and-coming artists ready to blow. Today we have a new single and video from Sunshine State rapper Vandam Bodyslam with “Careless”.

“We got a problem with our government, it’s clear that it’s trust
But our government got its own problem, it’s clear that it’s us”

Paris producer Jean Kengz crafted the sound while Vandam poured his heart out through his pen. Sometimes bringing more awareness is the best thing you can do. My Moh-Tuh-Vay-Shun 2 available now, and follow Vandam on Soundcloud as well.