by Malc


Chaotic pop is here to stay and Prado is its newest vessel. The freshly signed tmwrk records artist drops her debut release STRIP, a double single featuring tracks "STEPHEN" and "DRIP." Captivatingly sweet with an edge of sardonic humor, Prado’s power lies in her dynamic musical instincts, savvy songwriting skills, and unwavering ‘do as I will’ energy that will inspire your next Instagram caption. She's badass, she’s outspoken and, with STRIP, she’s ready to take down anyone in her way.

Alongside STRIP, Prado delivers a music video for "STEPHEN.” It unfolds with a seemingly demure Prado sitting in a lush forest, angelically singing, “I’ve been sweet too long” — but with the click of a rifle, the fire sets alight. “STEPHEN” is bad b*tch overdrive that has so many hooks, I don’t even know where to start. Prado glides from head voice to chest voice as she delivers the track’s anthem, “Bad b*tches never wait, Bad b*tches never stay.” Wreaking havoc with some of the coolest, most real girls in Vancouver, Prado spins donuts in the parking lot while promptly informing Stephen, “I don’t give a f*ck if you like me, STEPHEN!” The warped bass and chime-y synths help fuel the duality of Prado’s sweet, but sinful, lyricism. Take a look for yourself, I promise Prado is pure cool.

Watch "STEPHEN":