Sep 4, 2018

Tyler doubles down on his own creativity, by interpolating his own track.


by Mike_Squid


Tyler, The Creator has always been a man of many styles. Today, he’s gifting fans with a new track entitled “PUFF”. The instrumental samples a former Cherry Bomb album-cut named “Blow My Load”. The new interpolation of his own work is the latest in a string of singles from Tyler, including, “BRONCO”, “PEACH FUZZ”, “Crust In Their Eyes” and “Potato Salad” featuring ASAP Rocky. 

Tyler also recently released the captivating self-directed video for his Flower Boy track “See You Again“. In addition, Tyler is also gearing up for his annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, which takes place this November 10th.

While it’s almost certain Tyler won’t be taking any breaks, fans can seemingly look forward to more new content from their favorite flower boy.

Stream “PUFF” below: