Feb 16, 2019

Tyler Fontaine is one of Soundcloud’s emerging pop sensations.


by jgregory


Tyler Fontaine returns with a new, five-track EP, building on the success of his previous mixtape Trust In Infinity. Alongside his DC-based collaborator, Nuge, Fontaine creates a blend of pop vibes on the project, showing a distinct proficiency and versatility with a variety of styles.

“Hennessey Over Ice” was a standout track to me. Instrumentally the track has a beautiful (produced by Andy), upbeat soundscape that Fontaine and Nuge construct gorgeous melodies over and the two spice the vocals up with a healthy dose of ad-libs. “Precision” however, was the clear best track on the project for me. Starting off with a sleepy acoustic guitar Fontaine slides in perfectly with his gentle vocals serenading a fleeting love, convincing her to come back to him.

Stream Met On a Wave here: