Dec 17, 2018

Great new project from a promising young artist.


by jgregory


Ty Fontaine’s new EP is impressive on multiple fronts. His high pitched voice ebbs nicely over darker, nearly trap production, and his ad-libs offer a darker, much more lively aspect to his recordings, creating a highly entertaining atmosphere overall. To me, “Huxtible” is the standout track from the record, showing off Ty’s diverse, rangy vocals while at the same time giving a more intimate look at the artist’s personal life.

I was very impressed by this project, and am eager to hear more from Fontaine. This was a fantastic blend of rap and r&b, blending soulful energy alongside more hype vibes as well. “Chatter” also stands out from the instrumental front, as PVXXP Beats uses a nice acoustic guitar sample alongside traditional trap drums for a postmodern experience.

Check out Trust In Infinity below: