Nov 20, 2018

by ASadler


In these modern times where overworking one’s self is sensationalized and an achievement serves as fuel to simply win more, it’s important to take moments to pat yourself and those around you on the back. Whatever the case may be, if you’re winning at something you deserve to acknowledge it. New Jersey rapper TwonDon has put in a lot of work throughout his career, and 2018 was especially adorned with milestones. He decided to end the year off with a toast in new three-track EP Cheers 2 Us All.

“Luxury Tax” is Twon bringing everyone up to speed on what he’s accomplished. He’s been aligned with folk in the past, but his success on his own is a clear indication that he doesn’t need them. Over the drums and violins within the beat, he reminds us that he knows his worth, plus tax.

“It ain’t no breaks, I’m going 25/8, gave food for thought on my first tape, can’t stomach the plate, wait ain’t need your cosign, I’m still bout mine, sat in your sessions, learned my lesson, you ain’t want me to shine.” It’s evident that his success is driven not only by his work ethic, but redemption. “How these niggas claim kings when you crown yourself?” ought to trigger a few people as well, coming toward the middle of this strong opener.

“My Birthday Wish” is an introspective dive into the 25-year old’s dying wish – to die rich. He repeats “So I told her to blow and make a wish, the only wish from us being broke, let’s die rich, I’m talking beautiful bliss, they said it was a beauty but never could picture this.”

He examines how so many people put weight in clout, but he’s focused on the paper chase. He admits having experienced brokeness, and the track solidifies his sole goal is wealth. The concept of it being a birthday wish is felt in the bossy air of the track, and the image of he and his lady standing aside a birthday cake making this statement is vivid.

“Goodbye Forever” comes off as lyrical therapy, with Twon moving away from his confident self and into a person we all can relate to. Someone who has messed up previous relationships, failed, been insecure, and dealt with pain. Whether you’re a famous rapper or an up and comer, the pursuit of such a creative craft can be very taxing mentally. Even when you “make it,” there’s that much more room for negativity to find its way in.

TwonDon doesn’t run away from the negativity, but lays it all out over the piano keys in the background. The track is both powerful and emotional, fading out the piano keys and drums in the end allowing you to sit alone with your thoughts.

As a whole, the just under 10-minute EP functions as a three-part story. “Luxury Tax” is the preface, where he introduces part of who he is to new listeners and reintroduces himself to those who knew him in the past. It provides the context whereas “My Birthday Wish” is where he learns what he truly is about. “Goodbye Forever” is a combination of the climax, ending, and cliffhanger where he realizes the toll all this work is taking on him and leaves us to wonder what his next move is going to be.

One would predict this EP and his next moves will be pretty big, given his track record so far. He has made a name for himself with over 550k streams on his song “Million Dollar Babies,” over 320k streams on “Shine” and over 98k streams on his EP Been Dead.  The video for “Million Dollar Babies” earned over 87k views.

He has spent the last month performing live shows in Boston, New York, and Canada alongside Dolla$ignDunn so it’s certainly a cause for celebration. Pour up a glass of Moet and toast with the boy Twondon below on Cheers 2 Us All.