September 11, 2020

Tru Rebel yell.

Yuni Morales

With all of the craziness going on in the world, today’s listeners have been craving something that can satisfy the soul. TruRebel Migs’ newest EP Called LUST, LOVE & WAR - DETOX & QUARANTINE meets that need, being delivered at the perfect time. With only 4 tracks, the EP is perfectly short making it an easy project to put on repeat for quarantine listeners.

The first track on the project is titled “Needs” and has everything an opening project track should be. Instantly, the track gives off a chill vibe but at the same time brings high intensity as the drums and synth complement each other perfectly. TruRebel Migs’ vocals come in and do not disappoint as he delivers a catchy flow while riding the beat.

Already reaching well over half a million streams, TruRebel Migs’ new EP is by far his most successful project to date. With only 4 tracks, he has managed to addict his fans to this project as they are stuck at home during the quarantine.

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