“What you know about the struggle, what you know about the pain” is the opening line to “Painted Pictures”. By Who?! None other than the storyteller/lyricist known as True Pax. True Pax is an 18 year old artist reigning from Brooklyn who takes what he has experienced, heard, and seen from other and transforms them into stories. These stories allow one to remember the people who dreamed of making it despite the many struggles they have encountered in their lives. Inspired by Hip-Hop legends such as J.Cole, Drake, 50 Cent, Travis Scott, True Pax uses their artistic flows and his own artistic element to deliver his first EP called “Midnight”. This is a strong introduction to the artist and we definitely have to dive into the project.

Midnight features 6 songs where True Pax reveals some of his deepest struggles. In these 6 songs, True Pax reveals anger and confusion as deals with struggles like being broke, being depressed, and being silenced. He was able to deliver these emotions with the help of artists such as Mars and Noelia who contributed to the project. As a result, listeners who identify themselves as minorities, can relate and now have a way to solve these same issues they may face.

This is by far his best work. It is a powerful EP and definitely a great start for the artist. If you feel this way, give “Midnight” a listen. You will feel better and empowered!